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In the Birmingham of 32 Cafes, 1 companies. The biggest: SUBWAY (32 cafes).

Since U Been Gone review – life-affirming study of grief, gender and friendship [19 08 2019 12:01:27]

Assembly Roxy, EdinburghTeddy Lamb untangles the difficulties of relationships in a bold monologue that is bursting with loveThe ache of lost time is contained in this delicate monologue grappling with grief and gender. With simple stagecraft and raw storytelling, Teddy Lamb’s Since U Been Gone is about the people who make us, and how they continue to do so long after they’re gone.Lamb addresses the audience as if we are their best friend – not a generic one but the one they lost several years ago. They catch us up on news; mental health, America’s Next Top Model, pronouns. They turn over the script of grief, battle through regret and emerge after an hour, a bit broken but somehow fuller, prouder, shining. Nicol Parkinson shimmers on guitar throughout, producing tender synth-pop chords and humorous twangs to match the tone of the performance. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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