Tea Rooms opening times in Birmingham

In the Birmingham of 32 Cafes, 1 companies. The biggest: SUBWAY (32 cafes).

The Great British Bake Off 2019: episode eight – as it happened [15 10 2019 09:21:19]

Welcome to pastry week! Who ended the quarter final puffed up with pride – and who left with a (dare we say it) soggy bottom? 9.21pm BST An unpredictable week in which the fringe wobbled before reclaiming the crown. Steph is triumphant once again. With great sadness we say goodbye to Henry, the James Dean of the church organ society. Undoubtedly the most entertaining of this year’s bakers. He was a bantering community newsletter, a pre-watershed Puck, a whey-faced wayfinder for all rebels with a cause. The cause being fantastic television. We salute you, Henry. 9.13pm BST I’ve just had a look at Steff’s(?) necklace and have been spelling her name wrong for two months. Or she has. Hmm. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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