Currency Exchanges opening times in Birmingham

In the Birmingham of 1 Branches, 1 companies. The biggest: Tesco Extra (1 branch).

Do we need full-fibre broadband? Ask the lucky few who have it [17 11 2019 03:07:55]

Only 8% of homes can get ‘gold standard of broadband’ – but those few see it as a necessityLabour’s plan to offer free full fibre broadband to every home and business is an eye-catching offer to potential voters. But while the scheme has been labelled “fantasy economics” by critics, people who already enjoy ultra-fast broadband view it as invaluable.Like the roll-out of 5G for mobile phones, full-fibre broadband is the much-hyped next big thing for internet connectivity to homes and businesses. Full-fibre will mean speeds of more than one gigabit per second, letting users download an HD movie in under 50 seconds. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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